сряда, 5 ноември 2014 г.

I find it hard to talk or write

I find it hard to talk or write
everything I say
isn't really false
but it doesn't seem true either
it's trulse
it's nothing
it's a molecule
with a structure so complex
one would need a thousand lifetimes to describe
but naturally by then
the molecule would have transformed
at least a hundred thousand times
that is how I feel when I talk
what I say
is electrons
or atoms
never molecule
like a commercial advertising cocoa milk
I tell you calcium is good for your teeth
but I forget to say that sugar is bad for them

I write poems sometimes
poems like this one
they come easier to me
I don't know why
but these poems
they are nothing
they are only pieces
of my days
I read them sometimes
a month
a year
and I laugh at them
I laugh at the boy who wrote them
I like him
I like that boy
he is beautiful and funny
but he is not me
he is someone who was there
felt something
saw a poem in it
then disappeared forever
and left no trace
except some words on paper
words composed by someone
I will never be

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